Friday, October 1, 2010

OTCBB Afternoon Active Volume Leaders for Wednesday, Sept. 15 (SSOL, ARTS, ELCR, GELV)

Sunvalley Solar Inc. (OTCBB: SSOL) is the top volume leader among OTCBB stocks in afternoon trading on Wednesday with 125.65 million shares trading hands. Volume spiked for the solar power technology and solar system integration provider following their announcement of another commercial solar installation contract in Thermal City, California with Felix Chao Chuo Farm. Inc. The contract value is in excess of $3 million and entails a 653 Kilowatt installation that includes three solar systems comprised of 6,876 solar panels.
SSOL opened the day trading at 0.0839 and by midday is trading at 0.0901
Artfest International Inc. (OTCBB: ARTS) volume stands at 58.74 million in afternoon trading. The direct sales marketing company that brings together artists, investors, decorators, designers, private collectors and art galleries recently announced they had signed with a new IR/PR company, TEN Associates LLC. As part of that announcement they revealed they would be launching a new marketing campaign for the fall Television and Football season.
ARTS opened the day trading at 0.0002 and by midday is trading at 0.0001
Electric Car Company Inc. (OTCBB: ELCR) has experienced heavy trading on Wednesday with volume standing at 34.86 million by midday. The Springfield, Massachusetts-based company operates as a business development, marketing, and manufacturing conglomerate with a focus to provide 100% electric vehicle and powertrain technologies.
ELCR opened the day trading at 0.0003 and by midday is trading at 0.0002
Green Energy Live Inc. (OTCBB: GELV) volume stood at 28.54 million by mid-afternoon trading. The clean energy company recently announced plans to focus on sustainable ‘clean side of green’ solutions for the U.S. livestock industry.
GELV opened the day trading at 0.0005 and by midday is trading at 0.0006.

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